China the Education Leader?

Although China scored at the top of recent PISA tests, the best in the world for reading, science and math, they still may not have learned skills that are essential for success in the real world.  American companies still seem to capture the world’s imagination — Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook.  These companies were all started by Americans who had ingenuity, drive and although accepted at top colleges, often dropped out before graduating!  Chinese students may be succeeding at tests, but they may not have the important skills needed to truly make an impact — creativity and innovation and critical thinking.  This excellent article I found thanks to Brett Johnson, says it well.  Read here.


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My academic parents allowed me ONE HOUR of TV growing up. So when I was old enough to control my media choices, I went into the film business, where I had to watch 100 hours of movies a week because it was my JOB! I ended up as a film productive Senior VP at MGM and also worked at Sony, Artisan and New Line. After having kids, I left my glamorous and time sucking movie executive lifestyle to become an academic. But I still needed a legitimate reason to use media. Ergo, I am now a research scientist at the Children's Digital Media Center@LA and also a doctoral student in developmental psychology studying media at UCLA.

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