Headshot of myselfThank you so much for your interest in our work to help children safely and productively navigate the digital world in which we all increasingly live.  I spent over 15 years as a content developer and a senior film executive at studios such as MGM and then earned a PhD in child psychology from UCLA where I researched the impact of media on children. This unique background informs my perspective.  I am also the mom of two digital teens, a boy and a girl, so I understand that none of this is easy.

My hope is that the work I do (along with many talented colleagues) will help adults learn what is real and what is hype on the critical matter of raising kids in the 21st century. I strive not to give into the agenda of any “side” in the discussion, and instead speak to the facts. I also do my best to provide concrete tools and tips for parenting and supervising kids through the most commonly faced concerns about raising our children in this digital age.

Feel free to email me with any questions and I will do my best to help you!



Below is a list of the main arenas in which I work, along with some of the outlets.

I’m an expert in child development with an emphasis on research about media and technology in three areas:
GreenApplePhoto1. Author and Contributing Columnist MediaMomsDigitalDads-3D
  • Book: Media Moms & Digital Dads: A Non-Fiction Parenting book that summarizes social science research on how media affects kids and also provides parents facts and tools. Read more about the book here
  • Contributing columnist (links here):  Zocalo, Huff Post, Great Schools, Screen Shot Amazon#1NewReleaseOnitsownCommon Sense  
2. Speaker (full list and testimonials here)
  • Independent and public schools such as DC’s Georgetown Visitation, New Jersey’s Morristown School District, LA’s Mirman School and more
  • Conferences, company retreats such as for NetflixSprout, Disney Interactive, etc.
  • Salons and other smaller venues
3. Commentator on Research and Parenting (full list here) – a few outlets belowNYTimesClip2015


I work with Common Sense, the national non-profit, a leader in technology, media and kids:
  • Supporting their Hollywood outreach and strategy
  • Supervising a character strengths and life skills grant funded by the Bezos and Templeton Foundations
  • Giving their local Supporter School Talks Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.26.06 PM
I work with entertainment and technology companies as a consultant:
  • Henson Pictures as consultant on a television series based on Randy Zuckerberg’s children book Dot
  • Disney Channel
  • Start-ups such as Bark Media
photo-2Research Scientist with Children’s Digital Media Center@LA (UCLA) (full academic resume and published papers here)

I won several awards for my doctoral dissertation which included: Five Days without Screens, which measured the change in understanding non-verbal emotional cues when 6th graders spent five days at an outdoor education camp without screensScreen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.31.12 PM and  a series of fame studies  (link to the first) examining how television and social media may inform the values of children today.

  • I’ve taught college and high school students.
  • Non-Parent Board of Trustees, LA’s Westside Neighborhood School, K-8.
  • I have 2 kids in K-12.  One at a public school and one at an independent school.  Of course, this drives my interests!