About Yalda

Headshot of myselfThank you so much for your interest in our work to help children safely and productively navigate the digital world in which we all increasingly live. I spent over 15 years as a content developer and a senior film executive at studios such as MGM and Sony, and then earned a PhD in psychology from UCLA where I researched the impact of media on children. This unique background informs my perspective. I am also the mom of two digital teens, a boy and a girl.

My passions are entertainment media and academic research, and in my work, I am often called upon to fuse the two. My hope is that the work I do (along with many talented colleagues) will help adults learn what is real and what is hype on the critical matter of helping kids grow up healthy and safe in the 21st century. I strive not to give into the agenda of any “side” in the discussion, and instead speak to the facts while recognizing the perspective of all stakeholders (industry, parents, academics).

Feel free to email me with any questions and we will do our best to help you!




Below is a list of the main arenas in which I work:

I’m an expert in child development with an emphasis on research about media and technology:

I work with Common Sense, the national non-profit, a leader in technology, media and kids.

I’m an educator and curriculum developer for middle, high school and college students, including teaching original lessons tailored for the Disney Channel talent (under 18 years of age) on Social and Emotional Learning.

Research Scientist with Children’s Digital Media Center@LA (UCLA).